Siwics is supported by a senior engineering team that has more than 30 years’ experience in the field. As such, we are able not only to design the structures required by our clients, but also to suggest modifications or bespoke systems that will give clients additional benefits in cost, efficiency, and effectiveness—or all three.

In fact, many of our most-successful projects have been the result of proactive and creative collaboration between our team and our clients. Many systems are also the results of years of research and development by our team before they are formulated and designed for proposal to clients. We use the most sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software, as well as AUTOCAD and plant-design systems (PDS), in order to create the most technologically advanced and responsive solutions.

The result of all these years of work and experience is a single database of drawings and engineering documents that we can then use to develop and adapt detailed piping and installation diagrams (P&ID) as well as plot plans and shop drawings.



Siwics’ vast network of both local and overseas suppliers means that we can get the most competitive prices for products and then pass these cost savings to our customers. And our tailored and advanced procurement system means that all parts are of the right quality and to the specifications required by the project and the client.

This is essential in providing the very best services to our clients, since any shortfall in quality, originality and/or warranty coverage can result in results that are, at best, below clients’ expectations, and, at worst, a safety hazard. Outside procurement companies may cut corners to save money and to boost profit margins by using cheap parts and services. For these reasons, and to provide a complete service to our clients, we keep procurement strictly in-house and under our own control.


Construction & Installation

Siwics is also responsible for handling all the construction and installation needs of its clients. With the support of a professional team of field technicians, plus active support from local and overseas partners, the company is able to undertake not only building but also complex installation, testing and commissioning in the EPCI and related industries.

We consider it our responsibility to deliver effective and efficient output, rather than simply buildings or construction projects. Our clients are our partners in developing the right systems and solutions to match their specific needs.


Operation & Maintenance

Based on our experience, some clients may inadvertently mishandle machinery and systems, which can result in significant downtime and also a reduction in quality and efficiency of service. As such, to align our clients’ needs with our products, we provide operational maintenance (OM) and regular calibration on an ongoing and as-needed basis.

This, of course, is part of our job, and it makes sense that the people who design the systems are also the ones who know best how to handle them. Such support also reflects the fact that we treat all our clients as long-term partners in producing the best results possible, rather than simply installation with inadequate after-sales support.